Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blog Post 13: Nano and Proteins

1. Post a brief description (and link) to a general overview of MALDI.

2. Post an image (3D) of the following proteins: microcystin LR, collagen, and pick another one of your favorite proteins.

3. Post the size of each of these proteins in nanometers.

4. Research and post a cool nano-application that involves proteins.

A great resource for protein is at the Protein Data Bank at: http://www.pdb.org/pdb/home/home.do

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog Post 12: Invention Background/References

Post 10 references to your invention project. Post a brief paragraph of the summary of each of your references. These references must be from the primary literature which can be accessed through the UW-Stout library. I suggest utilizing Web of Science and Science Citation Index.

Blog Post 11: Invention Team/Timeline

Post the names of the individuals working on your invention team. Describe the activities that each person is engaged with and list the timeline for your activities to complete your invention project. The invention complete project is due Dec 19. Each team needs to create a 24" x 26" poster that describes the invention. Topics/questions to address on the poster are:

what is the issue/opportunity you are trying to address? Describe the background and current efforts to address this issue/opportunity

describe your invention that utilizes nanotechnology, describe what makes the invention based on nanotechnology

describe the materials and processing that would be needed to make the invention

address any safety/environmental concerns

address costs for developing and producing

address any regulations that may need to be addressed

address the consumer acceptance of this nano-invention.